Concept / Creative Direction / Art Direction

Year: 2012
Client: Nike Japan
Product: Nike Sportswear

Start a Conversation
The sneakerhead community is thriving all over the world. Nike Japan wanted to tap into this enthusiasm as they worked to close the gap with the giant local brands. Hoping to generate conversation in the digital social world and build on their vast heritage.

Play in History
There is a moment when we take our new shoes out of the box that we feel this sense of anticipation and excitement. We've all done it. And most of can’t wait til the next time. Nike knows the emotion of this moment. With their unique history, you could almost say they created it. Allowing users to relive those Magic Moments of getting your new shoes.

Going Beyond the Like
We created a social commerce App in Facebook that enables this group to interact with Nike and the shoes online. From every Nike shoe ever produced. NIKE SHOE BOXXXX rewards users for all kinds of actions. They can hunt, battle and trade for their favorite piece of history. Receiving bonus shoes after each trade, friend invitation, or share. And then once a month, the ultimate sneaker people reward. Nike re-released and sold through the App, shoes that haven't been seen in years. In the end NIKE SHOE BOXXXX brought people all over the world together. All sharing a common global language.
First 2 months of launch results
Facebook impressions 5,994,958
Sharing on average 1,000 times a day
Shoes put online SOLD OUT within days
Kohei Kawasaki. 2004-2023