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Kohei Kawasaki: CCO / Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter / Film Director | Shinobu Tanaka: Designer / Project Manager | Koki Akiyoshi: Architect | Taisuke Oshima: Geometry Engineer | Shoichi Akiyoshi: Manager | Taichi Hashimoto: Production Leader | Yoshinori Tanaka, Ryojyun Nagai: Production | Taiga Matsuoka: Internship | Shuhei Nitta: Producer | Yasuyuki Kanazawa: Film Director / Film Editor | Yosuke Watanabe: Creative Coodinator | Hirohito Itagaki, Syu Hagiwara: Videographer | Mamoru Oishi: Production Designer | Kohei Shigemori: Music Composer | Tsubura, Sawai Family: Cast

Year: 2017
Client: LIFULL

People can live more freely, as themselves, like shells.
From such an idea, LIFULL HOME'S that provides "real-estate" services started the "Movable Shell House" service, providing a new life that is not tied down to locations. This home, shaped like a shell, can be leased, just like renting a sunshadeand anyone can carry it around freely. Live wherever and whenever you want. Spend time alone on a secluded beach,or connect your home with those who share your passion. A new landscape arises from mobile estates. This Movable Shell House service can be carried anywhere in the world and lived in. Express yourself more freely.
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