Concept / Creative Direction / Art Direction
Kohei Kawasaki: CCO, Creative Director, Art Director, Planner | Ayane Sukai: Business Manager | Shinobu Tanaka: Project Manager, Designer (Key Visual, Film, Photo) | Daisuke Saito:Designer (Package) | Daiki Suzuki: Photographer | Norio Okinojo: Copywriter 

Year: 2018

"LIFULL FLOWER" - a flower delivery subscription service, in a package designed to be a flower vase the moment it's opened. Currently, flower waste reaches over 50% on distribution. In order to reduce such distributional losses to zero, LIFULL FLOWER delivers all of its flowers straight from the flower market. Every month, only the freshest, most seasonal flowers will be delivered to our customers. These flowers will be fresher than any that come from a flower shop, and will enable customers to enjoy their seasonal beauty for longer periods. Even customers who are usually so busy that they don't have time to enjoy flowers can appreciate the convenience of this package that instantly becomes a vase, can be used as decoration simply by removing the lid, and because it is equipped with eco-jelly (which eliminates watering), will last longer and save unnecessary time and trouble.
開けた瞬間花瓶になる、花の定期便「LIFULL FLOWER」。 50%以上の花が、流通する間に破棄されてしまう。そんな流通のロスをゼロにするため、LIFULL FLOWERでは、すべての花を、花市場直送で届ける。 毎月、最も新鮮な旬の花だけが届くため、どんな花屋の花よりもフレッシュで、季節の美を長く楽しむことができる。 また、普段忙しい暮らしの中でお花を楽しめない人にとっても、そのまま花瓶になるパッケージになっているため、蓋を開けるだけで飾ることができるし、水換えのいらないエコゼリー入りのため、手間なく長持ちする。