Concept / Creative Direction
Kohei Kawasaki: Concept / Creative Director / Experience Designer | Yuhei Takeyama, Toshihiro Sekiguchi: Art Director | Yukino Miyatsu: Copywriter | Riki Kawanami: Account Supervisor | Yoshihiro Miyazaki, Naoya Kaneko: Film Producer | Fumi Nishida: Film Production Manager | Yasuhiko Shimizu: Film Director | Jun Matarai: Cameraman | Yuya Okazaki: Lightman | Masaya Fukui, Hiroyuki Mitomo: CG Director | Shinya Nakagawa: Editor

Year: 2016
Client: Nestle Japan
Product: KIT KAT

In Japan, KIT KAT, sounding similar to the Japanese phrase "Kitto Katsu" (will surely win), has been considered for many years a good luck charm for students preparing for entrance exams. Many times, they are given to examinees by family, friends and teachers.

Entrance examinations are not about competing with others, but about the students facing themselves. Examinees make efforts each day to fight endless anxiety, loneliness and irritation. From early in the morning to late at night, after the rest of the family is fast asleep. Each of them fights alone. But they are not alone.

KIT KATs cheer on, and give courage and energy to the examinees who study alone, in place of their many supporters who are far away.

Special Kit Kat, sold nationwide just before entrance exams, that people can hand write supportive messages and send to examinees, living far away.
Inside the package, is a pyramid screen, along with the KIT KAT.
Just by setting this screen on your smart phone and playing the designated music video on You Tube, the artist comes to life, as a 3D hologram.
Collaborating with the artist group “DISH//“, created a song and music video to cheer on the students. The artist group, suddenly appears in the room and gives words of encouragement, in place of the person who sent the KIT KAT.
The KIT KAT Facebook page, official twitter, online ads and posters at post offices were used to increase awareness of the product. Also, further reach was gained by people sending and receiving the KIT MAIL HOLOGRAMs posting them on SNS.

Examinees from across the country, who received encouragement with KIT MAIL HOLOGRAMs, made countless entries (on SNS).
KIT MAIL HOLOGRAMs sold out nationwide.
It not only provided a positive break during studies, but also became a modern style good luck charm for students taking examinations.
Total number of Tweets: 33,304 (1 month after launch)
Sales: 150% increase
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