Concept / Creative Direction
Kohei Kawasaki: Concept, Creative Director, Copywriter (Naming) | Yuhei Takeyama: Associate Creative Director, Art Director | Aki Takeda: Art Director | Eiji Honma: Copywriter | Tomohiko Nakano: Producer | Hidenori Izaki: Culinary Researcher / Designer

Year: 2016
Client: Morinaga Milk
Product: KRAFT Philadelphia Cream Cheese

"Air Cheesecake" is a brand new, unique cheesecake. Philadelphia Cream Cheese has created an advanced cheesecake that no-one has ever seen or eaten before and yet so easy to make. All you need is three ingredients and it's ready in five minutes. It is light and fluffy and can be in any shape you like. Your mother's classic recipe has turned into a brand new dessert. Its newness is inspiring even the food leaders. Popular restaurants and cafes are now creating original dessert dishes using "Air Cheesecake". Philadelphia Cream Cheese which has helped cheesecake become so popular in Japan, has once again put it in the limelight by giving it a new deliciousness.
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