Concept / Creative Direction

Year: 2015
Client: Morinaga Milk
Product: KRAFT Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan Cheese has lost its appeal. Become an object that is forgotten in the fridge and used occasionally, only on pasta. Becoming more and more old fashioned, and sales were decreasing.
How can we give Parmesan Cheese a brilliance like never before?

"300 PARMESAN Collection"
Our target of young women love to share on social.We transformed Parmesan Cheese, a rather dull subject, into fun and fashionable experiences, through Vending Machines and Lunch Boxes, that these women would find share-worthy.Through these experience we conveyed how Parmesan Cheese, thought only to go with pasta, matched excellently with various foods.

1. Parmesan Cheese appeared in major Japanese cities, as an iconic 5-meter-tall Vending Machine.
2. Participants could push any of the 300 buttons placed on the Vending Machine.
3. Not regular cheese, but 300 special Lunch Boxes in the Parmesan Cheese design.
4. Parmesan Cheese, thought only to go with pasta, and meals that make an unexpected great match. Rice balls, Udon noodles, Oden, Takoyaki and Tomato stew, just to name a few.
5. Parmesan Cheese is in the upper lid so you can just sprinkle and enjoy. A photogenic eating experience, looking as if you were eating Parmesan Cheese, straight from the package.

“SAMPLING Beyond Sampling”
Food samples, not what you regularly queue for, became an item you just had to have. Long lines formed at all of the venues, and the 300 lunch boxes were distributed in only (less than) an hour.
The events gained huge media publicity. (PR Value: 540,388,103JPY)
The stylish deliciousness of Parmesan Cheese was spread throughout Japan by consumers.
And through this eating experience, an understanding that Parmesan Cheese went well with foods other than pasta was created.
Kohei Kawasaki. 2004-2023