Concept / Creative Direction

Year: 2013
Client: One Eight Promotion
Product: Airi Nagasaku's Gravure

How do you shine the brightest when you're swimming in a sea of jewels?
In Japan the pinup girl, or Gravure model, is more than a casual fancy.
It's an iconic national past-time. Salary men, too busy for other hobbies, spend their free moments searching for new stars. Magazine racks overflow with competing titles. While smart-phones and tablets make the competition for eyeballs more ubiquitous. For aspiring models, and agents, the path to fame and fortune is fierce.

Pinch Pinup
To break out of this and give one aspiring model a more competitive advantage, we used innovative technology to trigger a basic human instinct of curiosity.
With a simple gesture connecting humanity and technology, we called it Pinch Pinup. Showcasing our star on a tablet or smartphone, we trimmed her movies in a manner that left pieces unrevealed. Then we added the pinch.
Consumers could use their multiple devices to create a bigger canvas and with a fun little pinch, the star is revealed and curiosity quenched.

How to Use:
1. Set your iPhone/iPad screens to the visual you wish to view.
2. When you pinch the screens together...
3. The screens connect and reveal the portion you wish to see.
4. Double tap the screen, while it is displaying the visual, to capture a screen shot.

Turned the page for one budding agent and his star
Airi Nagasaku’s Twitter followers jumped up 130% and blog Page views rose 180% soon after launch. Launch was only earlier this year.