Concept / CCO / Creative Direction
Kohei Kawasaki: CCO / Creative Director / Planner | Yongbom Seo: Project Manager | Takahiro Miyake: Art Director | Mai Kaneda : Copy Writer | Yosuke Takano: PR Director | Koji Tamura: Chef | Hisaya Kato: Creative Producer | Shuhei Nitta: Event Producer | Yoko Mori: Planner / Designer | Yugo Izumida, Ai Ogura: Designer | Kyouichi Shibukawa: Film Producer | Kurando Furuya: Film Director | Ayano Yamanaka: Film Production Manager | Koichi Takagi: Director of Photography

Year: 2019
Client: LIFULL Table
Advertising Agency: LIFULL / PEAK / ELNIDO
Film Production: HOMEDOWN
Event Production: ATAMI Kicollys / SANNO S&R
Wood Powder Production: TARUWAKIEN
Product: Earth Cuisine -Eatree Plates-

Discover new ingredients that will protect the earth.
Transform wasted wood into sustainable food.
Protect the forest by eating it.
Protect the forest by thinning it.
Create a sustainable future with a plate that revisits LIFE.

Even untouched issues can become wealt with ideas that change points of view. And we can create a society where all people are able to realize the LIFE they wish for, out of infinite possibilities. This is what we believe at LIFULL.
As a part of this, LIFULL Table’s busines is to provide infinite possibilities for food and food experiences, that match the values of each person’s “life”.
In this project, “Earth Cuisine”,we hope to provide unlimited possibilities,
that go beyond the scope generally given to foo and create opportunities for people to revisit the LIFE they wish to lead, from the perspective of food.

"地球料理 Earth Cuisine (アース キュイジーヌ)"

© Kohei Kawasaki