Concept / CCO / Creative Direction
Kohei Kawasaki: CCO / Creative Director / Planner | Yongbom Seo: Project Manager | Takahiro Miyake: Art Director | Mai Kaneda : Copy Writer | Yosuke Takano: PR Director | Koji Tamura: Chef | Hisaya Kato: Creative Producer | Shuhei Nitta: Event Producer | Yoko Mori: Planner / Designer | Yugo Izumida, Ai Ogura: Designer | Kyouichi Shibukawa: Film Producer | Kurando Furuya: Film Director | Ayano Yamanaka: Film Production Manager | Koichi Takagi: Director of Photography

Year: 2019
Client: LIFULL Table
Advertising Agency: LIFULL / PEAK / ELNIDO
Film Production: HOMEDOWN
Event Production: ATAMI Kicollys / SANNO S&R
Wood Powder Production: TARUWAKIEN
Product: Earth Cuisine -Eatree Plates-

Japan is a deeply-forested nation with about two-thirds of its land covered with trees. 40% of Japanese forests are artificially planted for industrial purposes and the business requires a maintenance process called “thinning”. However, the fall in market price driven by inexpensive imported wood as well as the declining number of forestry workers are limiting the thinning capacity, which is now gravely destroying the forest environment. Moreover, this issue has not attracted enough attention as it should for its importance.
LIFULL, a company who owns a vision of making every LIFE a full one, is the leader of real estate information service in Japan, and stepped up to address this wood-thinning challenge to create a better environment for the forestry industry and for the Earth.

LIFULL brought this wood-thinning challenge under the spotlight by inventing a new way to use wood, by inventing a new purpose for this material through one of the most familiar experiences for people - which is food / eating.
Introducing EATREE PLATES, a sustainable full-course dinner made of thinned wood ingredient.

We developed a full-course dinner course:
1. Worked with a forestry company to dry and grind the wood material and transformed it into a food ingredient.
2. Developed a full-course recipe with a Michelin-starred chef.
3. Launched a pop-up restaurant in the middle of a thinned-wood forest.

The news was covered widely by national and overseas media. The special full-course dinner is now offered at LIFULL Table, a restaurant located in Tokyo which has become so popular with bookings filled for a month ahead. The restaurant offers opportunities for more people to learn and think about this wood-thinning problem.